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On this site you can find news, reports and comments on France and Europe, written by Stefan de Vries (1970).

De Vries was born in the Netherlands and has been based in Paris since the most recent fin de siècle. He is a freelance journalist currently working for RTL (Netherlands) and the VRT (Flemish public broadcaster). Previously, he was a correspondent for BNR Nieuwsradio, for the daily newspapers Het Financieele Dagblad and De Pers, for Radio 1 (KRO & EO) and Adformatie in Paris. De Vries also published in many newspapers and magazines such as Libération, La Croix, The New York Times, Millionaire, Elsevier, EnFrance and many others.

In the French media, De Vries regularly acts as a court jester, analyzing and sometimes mocking international current affairs. Since its launch in december 2006, he can almost be seen every week as a commentator on the French and European politics. He is also a regular guest on radio France Info, France Culture, Europe1, and RTL

From October 2010 till June 2012 Stefan presented BNR Europa, a weekly radio show on European current affairs, with reports and backgrounds, broadcasted live from Brussels.


After a (for a writer disastrous) carefree childhood in the province of Zeeland, Stefan studied law at the University of Amsterdam. In 1999, after a career in the Netherlands as a copy writer, De Vries applied for (and obtained) culinary and cultural asylum in Paris. Here he was Design Director at Prisma Presse (part of Bertelsmann). A few years later De Vries completed the director’s course at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and then graduated cum laude in Art History and Archaeology at the Sorbonne in Paris. Since 2005 he is a full time journalist. In recent years he not only covert French news, but also European politics.

As a staunch supporter of far-reaching European integration, he is a founding board member of Européens sans frontières, Vice President of Europresse and a member of the Association des journalistes européens. In 2012, his work a journalist covering the European Union was awarded the Prix de l’initiative européenne.


Together with Roel Wolbrink, Stefan de Vries is the co-author of The Little Blue Book. In November 2010, the all new version of this successful style guide on manners, food and fashion was published. More than 55,000 copies were sold. Wolbrink and De Vries also wrote The Blue Book Dress codes and together they give training sessions and presentations on etiquette, clothing, and gastronomy.

In March 2009 De Francyclopedie was published, a little encyclopedia about all things French, full of history, anecdotes and useless facts (ISBN 9789080888098, € 19.95).

In October 2011 appeared Onder mijn zolen! (‘Under my soles!’) on the revolutions in the Arab world, written together with Marijn Kruk.

Stefan is currently working on two other books. Are you a publisher and you have a project for a book which you wish to suggest to De Vries, please discuss this with his literary agent Lolies van Grunsven.

Lectures and presentations

His international experience, broad knowledge and unconventional approach make Stefan de Vries a popular speaker at conferences and presentations. Besides lectures on etiquette, fashion, food and drink, he is also available for presentations in the field of etiquette in international business, creativity, art and beauty. For bookings please contact the Speakers Academy



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Do you have specific questions about television or film production in France? Are you being tormented by an urgent matter of life? Or would you simply like to have the recipe for Stefan’s tarte tatin a la Mangue, please fill out contact form. You get as quickly and as personal as possible. More information about education and experience is found his CV (PDF).

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